I picked up our pictures

I picked up our pictures from Trapeze School. It was simply too fun! The pictures of Ashton came out wonderfully. He will be quite surprised when he sees them because he thought he did so poorly, which of course he did not. A wonderful surprise for a first anniversary.
It is difficult to put my finger on what I am thinking and feeling right now. The seminary is fine – what I expected. The academics are good. Living in the city is no problem whatsoever. I just don’t fit. Roommates, classmates, and the equivalents are fine as it goes, but when watching Jason, Sara, Sonia, Valerie, and Nick seeing each other for the first time since spring and their enthusiasm of seeing a close friend again, it hits home that there is not a person like that for me – a soulmate, a buddy, whatnot, in the seminary. I wanted to be in a place that was going to challenge me, and when there the realization is that most people to not share many of my… what? Sometimes, it feels like compromise, sometimes just a little bit lonely. I am so thankful for Ashton.
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