So, I’m reading through Genesis. I find it funny how certain segments of God’s crazy Church talk about “Biblical marriage.” So far, without commentary or condemnation within the text, the only marriages I’ve encountered are incest (Abraham married to his half sister Sarah by their father, etc.) and polygamy (Abraham married Hagar to have Ishmael, etc.). Not only that, but Lot’s two daughters get him drunk to have sex with him (their father) to keep the bloodline going. And, of course, this is how “marriage” is throughout Scripture.

I always find it particularly ironic that those who cry for the internal integrity and infallibility of Scripture (which I understand) twist it for their sociology-political or personal interests (which I don’t understand). But, there is nothing new under the sun and the willful ignorance at best or the compromised intentions, the dark hearts at worst, of men are always with us.

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