English: Cover of the January 16, 1939 issue o...

English: Cover of the January 16, 1939 issue of Newsweek magazine. The issue features Felix Frankfurter on the cover. The issue cost 10 cents. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, I heard this morning that the once venerable “Newsweek” will cease print publication and be a digital magazine beginning in January, 2013.  I’ve been getting Newsweek since my Current Events class in high school – many years ago.  I’ve debated ending my subscription several times as the magazine went through a variety of changes, many of them away from hard news reporting and to something more fluffy like “People” or some such magazine.  

The latest rendition it has taken after being given to Tina Brown and the “Daily Beast” pretty much convinced me to finally end my subscription – but I felt disloyal to a once great news magazine going through tough times.  Well, the decision has been made for me.  Just like “US News and World Report,” Newsweek will end being a substantive news magazine.

Sad, but yet another example of companies, media, organizations, or even churches whose leadership that just can’t seem to make the changes necessary to stay current and viable – the leadership of these organizations make changes, but the changes they think are pertinent simply aren’t, and they won’t learn.  Buggy whips.

Time for the “Economist.”

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