This is an American problem. It is a problem with the lack of vision and with the American psyche at this time. It is a problem with those who refuse to consider the civic good over what profits the self or “my little group”, only. It is a problem of not being able to conceive of a 21-century America that will be very, very different than the 20-century America.

It is all being upended, and there is great potential and great hope for those who can understand it and move within these new days of new realities (and it doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor, of whatever race or ethnicity, etc., but a matter of understanding, attitude, and determination). We have to be able to remake ourselves, transform ourselves and our communities, and evolve rather than trying to cling to an imagined, idealized “America” that is quickly ending.  Where do we go from here?

(It isn’t just notions of self-sufficiency offered by conservatives or government-sponsored anything offered by liberals, but the need for a different way of approaching the problems and conceiving of the future. It is all predicated on cooperation and compromise – nasty words in today’s social and political climate.)

What the trailer for the new Detropia movie.  This may be Detroit, but I see the same in Lima – town where my parents and my sister’s family live, home of the fictionalized “Glee.”

DETROPIA Trailer from Loki Films on Vimeo.

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