More stuff from the court

More stuff from the court ruling prompted by another Focus on the Family e-mail update about gay marriage and public opinion.
“Most Americans Oppose Gay “Marriage,” Gallup Poll Says
By Steve Jordahl, correspondent
“A majority of Americans still thinks marriage should be
limited to a man and a woman. A recent Gallup Poll found
55 percent of Americans oppose same-sex “marriage”, while
only 39 percent said gay relationships should be given the
same rights and privileges as traditional marriage.
Jan LaRue, legal policy director at Concerned Women for
America, said this issue is a matter of common sense.
“This is morally repugnant to most thinking people,” LaRue
said. “Thankfully, the majority will prevail as to
preserving marriage to a man and a woman.”

They are depending on majority opinion for their justification of establishing laws that impinge upon the equal treatment of one group of people. By using majority opinion, they run the risk of majority opinion turning against their issue, their understanding of things, their desired morality and laws. If we look at additional studies, at least the results of which I have read from numerous sources, the trending majority opinion is against their desired end, so why continue to lift up that argument to justify their position.
As politicized Evangelical/Fundamentalist Christians, when the rubber hits the road, they don’t care about majority public opinion. They are simply using this argument now because it supports their position. They believe that God will support their campaigns and their positions, so therefore they will win. If their positions (which they consider God’s positions) are not supported by majority opinion, it is simply proof that our culture has rejected God’s ways, to our own destruction. If majority opinion does not support their positions, then they will discard majority opinion as a justification in a New York minute.
They continue to attempt to insinuate that anyone who is moral, sane, and intelligent will obviously support their position that marriage is only between one woman and one man, as the past 3,000 years of history supports. All one has to do is look at history beyond the past 200 years to see that most marriages really looked very little like marriages today, but they still attempt to demand that history support their position of one woman and one man freely marrying out of love.
Frankly, I really don’t care whether gay people are allowed to bind their relationship under the same name, “marriage,” as straight people, but within the civil arena gay couples whom so desire should have the same civil rights and responsibilities as straight couples who desire to legalize their relationships. This will become the prevailing policy because it is just, even just before God. Taking this position does not mean that anyone has to agree with homosexuality or stop advocating that homosexuals change. It simply means that a group who desires the same goals and morals supported by “straight marriage,” has the same civil rights and responsibilities of other groups who desire the same thing – to legalize their relationships and desire to bound one to another.
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