An End

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I haven’t thought all that much about the ending of the Space Shuttle program – I mean I really have, but I don’t dwell on the subject.  I’m having an emotional, visceral reaction.  I’ve always been so enamored with the future, technology, and space exploration.  The first launch in 1981 was an exciting event.

I wonder why the United States could not have or develop a replacement launch system to take the Shuttles place.  Now, we are at the mercy of the Russians to get any of our people into space.  Perhaps this is just a lull, but the decimation of the space industry that is resulting is not good for the future of our space program.

I also understand that the monies allocated to NASA could be better spent creating new systems for deep space exploration – by be in a glorified bus business.  I understand that.  Yet, at this point in time I don’t believe that our situation is a result of a well planned out program.  I simply fear that with all of other national problems, the U.S. space exploration program may well be hampered, permanently.

We shall see, but for now there is no longer a means to get our guys into space.

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