I plowed through the last

I plowed through the last bit of my final paper today. It was like pulling teeth – horrible! It ended up being 13 pages, so it is long enough. I enjoyed doing the research, but to bring it all together to be something inspired or written with passion, well that it wasn’t. The pericope was Romans 12:1-8. I do have a different perspective on that portion of scripture at this point.
Sunday, I begin my field experience at Church of the Ascension, 5th Ave. Tomorrow evening, I will go to Corpus Christi services at St. Paul’s, Carroll Street in Brooklyn. I simply have a sense that I will be there this fall. Ascension will be very good preparation for me, and working with Barrie to learn the in’s and out’s of the liturgy will be a privilege.
To be a priest, I just don’t know. After watching Chris’s ordination last Saturday and seeing or perceiving the change in him, whether ontological or perceptional, I feel the gravity of it all. Transitional deacons in Ohio are not ordained with dalmatics. I suspect for priestly ordinations the perspective priest can arrange things however he or she wants them, but the ordination of deacons is purely a bishop thing. I truly am drawn to high-church liturgies. I don’t know how that will go over in Ohio. St. Paul’s is still Rite 1, Anglo-Catholic. St. Thomas is still 1928 BCP. I’m being groomed in a small and somewhat rarified segment of the Church, but I think a segment that if in the right mind is rich and ancient and mysterious, full of meaning. Using all the senses through the thread of the unbroken Eucharist is the best way, I think, to reflect the glory and majesty of God, the otherness of God. In communal, public worship, I think that form is wonderful, as long as the intimate and relational is present in some relevant, meaningful, and faithful fashion.
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