The Elephant

There is always an elephant in the room.  Sometimes we are better at admitting it than not. Its seems only common sense that to solve a problem it is best to recognize the elephant and deal with it.  Common sense. Common. Sense.

Sometimes I think I am too intent on identifying the problems that have caused and still cause so many of our problems, whether individual, within the Church common, or within our national psyche.  Sometimes, I think that identifying those big old elephants even when others would rather focus on the positive stuff that skirts the invisible thing in the room just may not make me all that popular, but I just can’t seem to let it go.

I don’t know… I do think that if we want to solve our problems and resolve our issues we must have everything out in the open and public and recognized and admitted.  If we don’t, I just don’t know how we will really solve anything.  Reading through some of my previous posts – so negative as I attempt to discover and identify the elephants.  Will this get me to where I want to go?  Perhaps not, but I’m simply processing out loud.  I suppose.

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