I don’t think enough can be said about routine – or enough good can be said of routine. This month and next will be anything but routine, and you know it makes the stress level run much higher.  For me, a primary responsibility I have right now is to think and plan.  For me to think along a creative track, I need to time to orient myself, clear my mind, sit and mull, dwell, and imagine, but when I’m rushing here or there or getting ready for a trip of one sort or another, there isn’t much time for any of that.

Routine enables me to be more consistent and to know what to expect.  It enables me to relax much more – less stress.  Lack of routine does help in the self-motivation department, either.  I find myself physically and mentally warn out and too susceptible to melancholy (which is were I am right now).

I leave in a few days for CREDO (a clergy development and care conference).  Of course, this is one of my stressers because it comes at a very inopportune time.  Ten days away does not help me move ahead.  Yet, I know that this is probably the best time for me to get away and to examine myself. With regard to self-care, right now I’m not living a particularly balanced and healthy lifestyle.  In the long run, reacquainting myself with balance and health will far out pace the hectic schedule and demands that are confronting me right now.

Maybe in December I can return to some kind of consistent and stabilizing routine.  I hope so.