A working thesis:

On Facebook, I posted this working theses:

In the coming decades, society will look more pre-Constantinian than post. The majority unchurched population will not be intrigued by or drawn to the Gospel if all they see in Christians is a reflection of current culture, liberal or conservative. To be a people in the imago Dei, Christians will need… to recognize our distinct “otherness” in our formation. What does that mean? How will it be done?

A former seminary mate of mine responded: “It’s like Michele’s friend said: if you want to know if a person is a Christian, ask their neighbor. ”
I absolutely agree, but… The problem in our current situation is that common, disinterested people are not particularly impressed with the lives of their neighbors who claim to be “Christians.” (see “unChristian” for examples). What has to change at very fundamental levels within our churches and our individual lives that will causes us to be more reflective of Christ rather than culture?
The Gospel of Christ and the consequent life He calls us to is are profoundly disturbing and counter cultural. Are we too embarrassed or afraid, in the arrogate, to take on such a life? Are we to enamored with mammon? Are we too deceived? Too lazy? What???? These, of course, are questions that have been bantered around since the beginning, but what do they mean in our contexts and in our time?