We are witness to the change

In an article from Christianity Today, December 2009, entitled, “A More Social Gospel: Campus ministries swap pizza for compassion.”

… Advocates believe such efforts reclaim the church’s true calling.
“The social message and the traditional evangelism approach go hand in hand, ” said Bob Marks, recruitment specialist for Chi Alpha, an Assemblies of God ministry active on more than 200 campuses worldwide. One example: The University of California, Irvine chapter focused on human trafficking last year.
Josh Spavin, an intern with the University of Central Florida’s Campus Crusade for Christ chapter, said traditional evangelism still works, but times have changed with this generation.
“Students tend to not just take it unless they experience it or see it in someone else’s life,” Spavin said…
Spavin said he hopes his chapter will launch an HIV/AIDS outreach with a campus gay and lesbian group…

I’ve been saying as I’ve talked about the Red Hook Project and the ImagoDei Society that our culture is moving into a pre-Constantinian environment where society and the prevailing culture are no longer “Christian” – we are Post-Christian – and that if we hope to have an impact on people or society, then they have to see something compelling and different in the lives of those of us who claim Christ. They have to witness something different about us and that we certainly are not just a mirror image of the worst of the prevailing culture.
This quote from Spavin simply is another example of this trend or idea.
I also find it very interesting that a Campus Crusade for Christ chapter would be willing to do anything with a campus gay group. Of course, if they have an underhanded goal that this will be a vehicle for them to get these homosexuals to repent and give up the “lifestyle,” without a willingness to even suspect that their presumptions could be wrong, then their efforts will most certainly fall flat. If they revert to such tactics, then they will simple go backwards into a way of being that at least with these later unchurched generations does nothing but reinforce the negative image of Christians in general.