The greatest human lessons are found…

Jeffery Goldbert quotes David Wolpe, entitled, “What the Internet Can’t Do.
For those who wonder why actually going to a residential seminary is truly and vitally important for the FORMING of priests, read Jeffrey Goldberg’s short quote from David Wolpe, entitled,”What the Internet Can’t Do.” Priests are not technocrats or technitians – and we must be formed, not simply infused with data. “The greatest human lessons are found in the power of presence.”

“Chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary Solomon Schechter famously explained to the incoming student and future Chancellor Louis Finkelstein that the purpose of coming to the seminary was not to learn a fact or law; he could learn those elsewhere. The purpose was to study with great men [and women, obviously]. Speaking of his years as a student my father told me far less about what he learned than about the people with whom he learned. They were not perfect, but they were passionate, learned, marvelously eccentric and they brought the tradition to life….”
“The greatest human lessons are found in the power of presence. “

via: Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish