We aren’t the only “Episcopal” church having problems…

Well, it is easy to become myopic when thinking about the pressing issues we are facing in The Episcopal Church USA and not recognize that we aren’t the only “Episcopal” Church in the midst of chaos, infighting, splintering, and the like.
The Charismatic Episcopal Church (CEC) has been going through all kinds of problems of late. Some of their parishes have even decided to join our own Episcopal Church (example). The CEC is part of the Federation of Anglican Churches in the Americas, which is part of the Common Cause Partnership, which is leading the way in forming yet another “Anglican” jurisdiction in the U.S. and Canada (without the recognition of Canterbury at this point). Update: I was wrong about the CEC being a member of the FACA!
Here is a website/blog for CECEXODUS. Here is another: CECHEALING.