Summer of Harry Potter

Well, I finished it! On the subway to work this morning, I finished book 7, the last book, of the Harry Potter series. My “Summer of Harry Potter” has ended… well, almost.
I’ve been saving for the last couple of years and finally bought a large screen TV this past July (Sony Bravia, 52″ LCD-TV). I said that one reason I wanted to buy the TV was for the community aspect it could offer. Now, on a purely selfish level, the Olympics were fantastic in high definition – “just look at those water drops on the swimmers! Unbelievable!”
While reading through the last four books beginning last spring, when I knew that I was actually going to buy the TV, I said that when I finished the 5th book I would have a “Harry Potter Fest” and show all the current movies – all 5 of them – during one weekend. I put together the flyers, scheduled the movies, let the parish know, and this weekend is “Harry Potter Fest!” Three movies on Saturday, 2 movies on Sunday. (I bought the Blu-ray high definition DVD’s for the first 5 movies.) After hours and hours of Harry Potter movies, I suspect that I will be done with it!
Then, really, my “Summer of Harry Potter” will be completely over! Its been a fun ride.
At lunch today, I felt this loss. I was a bit confounded about what to do. No more sitting in Bryant Park, eating lunch, and reading Harry Potter. Funny… I suspect I need to re-engage with the real world.