We think we have problems…

Over at SARX, there is a good post the touches on Anglicans, the Orthodox (as in Eastern Orthodox), and the idea that if we look at the world of Orthodoxy, we realize that our Anglican problems are not the one problems.
A couple take-away sentences:

Bishop Alan posted a joke about Episcopalians being a disorganised religion and I noted in my reply that, in fact, many Orthodox (converts, mostly) are horrified to realise exactly how disorganised Orthodoxy is… Add to that infighting over “modernism” and “traditionalism” as well as ecumenism (which means, in the states, just accepting the baptism of other churches, while in some other locations it means inter-communion and intermarriage) you end up with a picture of Messy that far outstrips or, maybe, exactly parallels Anglicanism.

Will we end up like the Eastern Orthodox, will we end up like the Roman Catholics, or will we remain distinctly Anglican?
I want to remain Anglican, frankly. Let those who want a pope cross the Tiber, let those who want the Orthodox model go over to Constantinople, but why do they insist that Anglicans cannot or should not remain, well, Anglican?