Just stop it, won’t you please?

Can I just say that I am sick of the forced dichotomy foisted upon us by people who cannot conceive of their own opinion being wrong and who are absolutely unwilling to consider their perspectiion or interpretation or application or life as being in error (minor or major).
One one side, we find the self-perceived enlightened “progressives” who assume that anyone who does not buy into their reinterpretation of things is somehow flawed in thinking or feeling. On the other side are those “orthodox” people and groups that demand “reform” of the Church because they insist that the Church has become heretical due to differing understandings from their own of Scriptural interpretation and application.
Just get over your bad “enlighten” and “orthodox” selves, already. Just because someone does not agree that homosexuality is a gift from God does not make them a Neanderthal, fascist homophobe, and just because someone interprets Scripture in a way that does not forbid all forms of same-sex relationships does not make them a godless, secularist, anti-Christ heretic.
This is beyond, “Oh, be-have.” This is, “Be converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”
How’s that for my own self-inflated opinion of my own thoughts and feelings? Of course I am absolutely right because – “I just love Jesus so much and because I love Jesus so much what I think must be what Jesus thinks, because I love Jesus so much and if I love him so much he isn’t going to make be believe something that isn’t right!” Right?
I just got done reading some stuff at the Anglican Communion Institute. They can put out some good stuff, by the way, but…
You know, it makes no difference whatsoever that certain groups condemn Post-Modernism, call it unchristian, demand that the world not believe in it, and all that. Post-modernism is the emerging worldview (oh, dare I say “meta-narrative?”), and all the huffing and puffing of older generations of Christians will not, will not, will not change the fact that the world has for the most part accepted post-modernism (knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally).
It is not unchristian to be a “post-modernist” of some form. Post-modernism is not anti-Christ. If Christ cannot survive within post-modernism, then what legitimacy does Christianity hold? The funny thing is, within my understanding of how post-modernism works itself out the witness of the way Christians live their lives will be the thing that convinces people of the realness of Christ and redemption. Words, no matter how good they sound, and all the “proofs” convince few, particularly if the lives of those that demand the death of post-modernism hypocritically do not match up with their words.