I renewed my subscription for

I renewed my subscription for a year at FreaturePrice.com, the company that hosts my website. They are switching people over to new servers and systems that are supposed to be much better. I haven’t been able to FTP for two weeks, which means I can’t publish any of my weblogs without a very long process.
Besides, I’m very sick. It started on Saturday (Mar. 8th). Monday and Tuesday, I had fevers that peaked at 103.6 and 102.9, retrospectively. Today, I’m running a constant temp. of 100.+. I hate this. The doctor at the D.O.C. urgent care center said it was a severe case of Influenza, but not strep (sp?), which is good. Ashton took care of me on Monday. He took me to the DOC center. It was nice having him here, although he takes far too many risks with a sick man.
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