The City #18

Sometimes, walking around the City I get a small, short glimpse of life – a snapshot, a moment in the lives of a few individuals. Sometimes, these snapshots are vividly embedded in my mind and remembering them seems as real as when I experienced them.
The other day I was walking from work to the subway. I crossed the street and walking to the intersection I saw a father with his young son in hand. The father, perhaps the boy’s grandfather, was bending low as they walked and was talking earnestly to the boy, about what I’m not sure. The little boy, who was probably an older-three or four years old, was looking up into the sky or at the buildings and was just doing “raspberries.”
Just that moment – the earnestness and seriousness of aging men and the frivolity and carefree-ness of little boys.
I’ve been in a “people are just plain idiots” phase over the last couple of weeks. This glimpse of joyous life brings me back to reality and balance and the realization that I do love God’s brazenly chaotic Creation.