The Book of Common Prayer and its use!

Okay, so for how long have I been saying that non-Episcopalians are picking up our Book of Common Prayer and finding within it a way of faith that is drawing them in? How long?
So, I downloaded the study guild guide (I’m just pathetic at proof reading!) to a book on Christian spirituality written by the director of L’Abri. Guess what, it is full of prayers drawn from, what? Where might those prayers have come? Within this “Evangelical” setting, where did the director pull prayers for the study guide? YES, from The Book of Common Prayer.
Sometimes, I feel like huge groups of people within the Episcopal Church are doing all they can to run away from our own Prayer Book, all the while so many disaffected Christians and people from non-liturgical and Evangelical backgrounds are running to it.
Download the PDF of the studyguide and see for yourselves. Click here.