It’s going to be sunny

It’s going to be sunny and 45 degrees today. Nice! Even balmy! But, water will be rushing everywhere. I’m curious to see where it all goes. We are all so tired right now. Not just a couple of us – everyone. Mid-terms haven’t even hit and already we are spent. If I thought there was a method to their madness, it might be okay, but I doubt there is. I can only do so much, yet as every day passes I get further and further behind. I’ve kept track of every minute the past week and a half, and I’m not wasting time. Financial aid stuff is taking a lot of time that would have been devoted to study, but I have to pay for this education; I have to come up with $36,000.00 (granted, the seminary is gracious with their scholarships, as is my diocese and home parish, yet…). Financially, I am in far better condition then many of my fellow seminarians – I am grateful. Anyway, we are becoming nothing much more then zombies at this point.
Last weekend was the Perspective Student Conference, so hardly any homework completed last weekend. This weekend, students are coming up from Virginia Theological Seminary for the annual basketball rivalry. This should be fun, but we are hosting three people, which means we (I, mostly) will have to clean and prepare. I’m sick of cleaning and preparing.
We are just weary. Frankly, the most frustrating thing of all is that all the material is quite interesting and I would love to dive into any one class, the homework, and the projects, but there is so much that nothing can be done well, nothing can be processed well, and there is just going to be a lot of cramping for regurgitation. That’s just a shame, and I blame poor planning and coordination. It seems we are being formed by a negative process rather than a position one. Maybe there is a grand scheme, but if it is unrealized, what’s the point.
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