iPod Suffle

I haven’t done this in a very long time, but for a while there were several bloggers who posted their first 10 songs that randomly played when their iPods were put on “Shuffle.”
So, here are my first 10 from today:
1. 30 Seconds to Mars, from album 30 Seconds to Mars, song – “End of the Beginning”
2. Eastmountainsouth, Eastmountainsouth, “The Ballad of Yong Alban and Amandy”
3. Sacha Sachet, Lovers & Leaders, “What You Are”
4. Sarah McLachlan, Fumbling Toward Ecstasy, “Mary”
5. Aimee Mann, Whatever, “Way Back When”
6. Coldplay, Parachutes, “Track2”
7. Norah Jones, Feels Like Home, “Don’t Miss You at All”
8. Doug Barr, The Sickle & The Sheath, “Stranger in This Land”
9. Underworld, Beaucoup Fish, “Push Upstairs”
10. Welcome Wagon, Welcome to the World, “Sold! To The Nice Rich Man”