Big Ending

The House of Bishops begins meeting later next week. This is supposed to be the make-it or break-it meeting. If the House does not bend to the demands of the “Global South” (which does not include all the global South and does include a bunch from the global North), then it is supposed to mean that the American House has intentionally chosen to no longer be Anglican. It really doesn’t mean that, but people like to spin all kinds of yarns.
The Nigerian CANA has announced four new bishops will be consecrated for the U.S. You know, regardless of what the American House of Bishops does, Nigeria and Pittsburgh will formalize a new denomination. The momentum is too fast, now.
It comes down to what the Archbishop of Canterbury will final decide.
I’m tired of it all. I’m done with it all. Let them do all that they will do. Pride and the quest for power has overwhelmed them all. Humility. Where is humility?
I have not known a time from the beginning of seminary through ordination and now at the beginning stages of my ministry without all this crap.