The City #9

I walked out of the Rectory this morning and onto Carroll St. and there it was, snow coving tree limbs, gates, banisters, cars, and it was wonderful. The snow was falling very lightly, almost done. The snow didn’t really accumulate on the sidewalks or streets, but just enough to give the streetscape a nice snowy, winter feel. The air was still, brisk but not cold. The sky was gray and the “air” was just a bit misty, but not really foggy. Anyway, it was very nice.
Getting out of the subway at 42nd St., I noticed how quiet the station seemed to be. I don’t think I ever remember that kind of quiet in such a busy station. No other trains were there at that moment. No sound of equipment humming or screeching, just still quite. The faint sound of the conductor’s voice announcing “the next stop is Rockefeller Center” could barely be heard. It was the kind of quite that in New York you only “hear” in large stone churches or when a heavy snow is falling.