How about those Golden Flashes!

How about those Golden Flashes! Remarkable. I didn’t get to see the game yesterday due to going to see a play in Canton — The Sum of Us. It was well done. I got to listen to the end of the first half on my way back home in Akron. Coming into work this morning, everyone decked-out in blue and gold, the staff seemed a bit out-of-it. Not enough sleep, they said, after watching a VERY exciting game that went into overtime. Kent beat Pittsburgh!
I made it home around 10:45 pm and thought about going to the Highland Theater in my neighborhood. The theater (more of a art-house movie/performance venue/with a bar inside type theater) showed the game on the big screen for free last night. I think it would have been an exciting place to watch the game, but I wimped out and went home to bed. I should have watched the game!
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