Christmas came and went, all

Christmas came and went, all right. Then came… strep(sp?) throat… a bad case of it. I didn’t realize one could be so sick with strep-throat. I’ve been out of commission for the past two days. On Sunday, my temperature was 103 and it wouldn’t go down and I was really out of it, so my parents took me to the “Express” emergency room at one of the local hospitals (it is for non-life threatening emergencies, I think). I had no idea what was up – my throat was hardly sore They ruled out Meningitis, which I’m thankful for. My throat has never been all that soar, which surprises me with strep-throat. All this has postponed my return to Cleveland. My Mom got her way – that I would stay a while longer. I have to kid her about that!
I’m just glad I am feeling better.
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