I was sicker then a

I was sicker then a dog yesterday. Bluh, bluh, bluh. Monday night it started with a slight sore throat, then yesterday it hit — achy, feverish, chilled, headachy but luckily nothing messy. Today, all better – yeah! I really don’t know what it was, but I suspect just a 24-hour flu.
I had dinner with John on Monday. It was a nice time. Monday was only the third time I’ve seen him in three years (all three times within the past six months). There was certainly reasons why I was once in a relationship with him. Despite all that happened, there is definitely part of me that would still like to be in a relationship with him. I really don’t know how he feels, and I know he would have had to grown up a lot, changed a lot, realized a lot, before I would return to a relationship. But, man, did I love him — and in many ways still do.

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