I’m stealing from other blogs, again. Here is a short essay from Ryan Sager, a member of the editorial board of The New York Post. I found the excerpt below and the full essay at Tech Central Station through Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish.
Whew, the Web can certainly take you to the far reaches of… somewhere. Anyway, this is an excellent comment on the current state of the Republican Party, CPAC, the politicized Religious Right, and the failure to maintain true philosophical Conservatism. The war within the Republican Party between libertarians (which I tend towards – apart from the Libertarian Party, mind you) and social conservatives is on.
“Make absolutely no mistake about it: This party, among its most hard-core supporters, is not about freedom anymore. It is about foisting its members’ version of morality and economic intervention on the country. It is, in other words, the mirror image of its hated enemy.”
Read the whole thing: