Dark Night & the Unknown

I spent Thursday and Friday traveling to Baltimore and meeting with the deployment officer, who is a great guy, and for a perspective job. The reality has set in. I just don’t know about all this.
It is very, very hard when someone close is truly going through a “dark night of the soul.” There is nothing I can say – nothing anyone can say. Only God’s grace and mercy will see him through until he comes out on the other side.
I had a strange dream about my best friend in high school last night. I think about my foolish attempts to deal with a best friend’s departure. It is truly a blessing when people maintain friendships throughout life. I’m not very good at that and it is to my detriment.
I am finding myself thinking about many people who where (and still are) significant people in my life. I am who I am today because of all of them – their involvement in my life, their contributions. I think it may be because of my approaching ordination (June 4th, Trinity Cathedral in Cleveland!), and the life I am giving myself over to. This is all more than a job to me and I am so hesitant to do this, even though I believe it to be God’s leading. The people of the Diocese of Ohio and this seminary (along with others) seem to confirm that belief. It is all are gargantuan unknown!

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