I got this from Andrew

I got this from Andrew Sullivan’s blog. It is very poignant without being nasty.
It is the winner of MoveOn.org advertisement competition.
I remember the WR Grace Company putting together a series of ads during the Reagan administration making a very similar point. Grace’s ads were much darker. Set in the near future, they showed the younger generations in near destitution along the lines of ‘Mad-Max’ or ‘1984’ putting on trial the elder generation for their irresponsible and greedy spending spree that plunged the economy and nation into ruin. The ads never ran because the television powers that were considered them too extreme. It seemed their premise would not come to pass when Clinton came into office and the deficits where eliminated. This occurred under a Democratic administration, no less. So, here we are under Bush, a Republican, and deficit spending is back in a rampage.
Yes, the situations between Reagan tenure and Bush’s are different, but the fact is that we have returned to fiscally immoral deficit spending without restraint, thus the new round of commercials. It seems for me, considering myself a ‘progressive-conservative,’ Bush has turned into a Republican I cannot support.
(Watch all the winning entries.)

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