I was elected student representative

I was elected student representative to the Board of Trustees a month or so ago. I attended one meeting thus far, but it was atypical because the Board, minus the student reps, went on a retreat after the “official” meeting. Anyway, just so that I don’t offer only my personal opinions on things, we had a meeting of the Middler class in our apartment last night. It was a good meeting – not a “bitch session,” but we did let off a little steam, and then went on to substantive things.
Higher ed. Administration and student services really is my element, which of course makes sense since I’ve been doing that sort of thing for so long, but I am also in my element with regards to religion, politics, and technology. Anyway, doing this caused me to realize that I am coming at this thing from both an administrative perspective and also, for the first time in ten years, from a student perspective. It was just an odd feeling. If I end up back in higher education, I have been reminded what it is like being a student, especially a non-typical student.
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