As most people know by

As most people know by now, the Supreme Court ruled that Texas cannot prohibit what goes on in private between two adults of the same sex, as with adults of the opposite sex. Stephen Bennett, of Stephen Bennett Ministries, released his statement. The last paragraph is simply amazing (using Stephen’s word), that he would make such an extreme statement. Will gay people die of AIDS? Yes. Will straight people die of AIDS? Yes. If the Texas law remained in effect would there be an end to gay people dying of AIDS? No. Would it mean that straight people would no longer die of AIDS? No. Here is Stephan’s press release:
July 26, 2003
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HUNTINGTON, CT - The Supreme Court has just struck down a Texas law that
banned same-sex sodomy. The Court, in a 6 to 3 opinion, found that the law
violated the right to privacy in the case of Lawrence v. Texas.
"As a former homosexual, I am deeply saddened by today's ruling. I've lost
many "gay" friends who are dead today because they contracted AIDS from
sodomy. To think the United States Supreme Court has actually sanctioned
sexual perversion - just amazes me," said Stephen Bennett.
Bennett is the 39 year old Executive Director of Stephen Bennett Ministries
in Huntington, CT - a pro-family organization advocating for the traditional
family, the protection of children and proclaiming the truth about
Bennett continues, "It just amazes me how homosexuals want the government to
legally stay "out of their beds" in their homes -- but DEMAND the government
be there when they are in their hospital beds dying from AIDS."
Stephen Bennett is a vocal opponent of the promotion and acceptance of
homosexuality in America. He actively lived the homosexual lifestyle for 11
years until he was 28 years old. Today, Bennett is happily married to his
wife of 10 years and the father of their two little children.
Bennett's message: No one is born "gay," in most cases it has everything to
do with childhood and just like a drug addict or alcoholic, homosexuals CAN
completely change.
"People have got to open their eyes to the truth that homosexuality is NOT
normal, nor natural. Sodomy is an unhealthy, dangerous and deadly practice.
The Supreme Court has done a great injustice by now encouraging young "gay"
men to play Russian roulette with their lives." Bennett continues, "My heart
truly goes out to the many families in Texas of the young "gay" men they
will put in the ground because of today's tragic decision."

Rather than spend so much time, money, and ministry effort attempting to outlaw homosexuality, which will not mean people will no longer be homosexual, why not strive for the implementation of social structures that encouraged monogamy, etc., within the gay community as are in place within the majority, straight community. It does not mean he has to change his opinion regarding homosexuality or outreach to encourage homosexuals to change into heterosexuals. It would simply mean he recognizes that there will be people who do not agree with his view of morality, so for those who will not agree (which to Stephen means they are rejecting God) there are forces that encourage them to live sanely and in a healthy manner. This is what happens with straight people.
It seems that for non-Christians homosexuals (or for Christian homosexuals for that matter) who will not accept certain conservative Christian concepts of morality deserve what they get – alienation, loneliness, AIDS and death. In their minds, to not live according to their precepts means that homosexuals accept unto themselves, death – it is a natural result.
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