Of Cards & Attitudes

Idaeisenhower.pngThe late Dwight Eisenhower, a five-star general and the 34th president of the United States, was once asked who he believed to be the greatest man he’d ever met.

He replied in a snap:
“It wasn’t a man. It was a woman – my mother. She had little schooling, but her educated mind, her wisdom, came from a lifelong study of the Bible. One night we were playing a card game, mother, my brothers and I. It was Flinch. Hands were dealt and I drew a bad one. I began to complain.”

He continued: ” ‘Put your cards down, boys,’ Mother said. ‘Dwight, this is just a friendly game in your home where you are loved. But out in the world where there isn’t so much love, you will be dealt many a bad hand. So you’ve got to learn to take the hands life deals you without complaining. Just play them out.’ “

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