Why it’s cool to go to church

An interesting little piece in the Huffington PostWhy It’s Cook to Go to Church.  In addition, it is interesting that he went to Union and seems to have such an attitude toward the ancient and enduring Traditions – Catholic and Apostolic.  These are generally not the norm for Union students.  I wonder why he attended a seminary for his degree?  What initially brought him even that far?

“Then, in seminary, taking classes on monasticism and ancient
Christianity, I began to strongly feel the presence of God. I got
inspired to visit monasteries and very ancient churches, first in the
U.S., then researching and filming hermits in Egypt, then in Greece and
Eastern Europe, and finally in Russia. I met hermits and monks, and
they let me film their descriptions of the inner Christian life. They
took me to their monastery churches. My studies in Christian mysticism
and ancient texts grew deeper and deeper. I discovered a prayer, the
Jesus Prayer, or Kyrie Eleison — “Lord have mercy,” or “Lord Jesus
Christ, Son of God, have mercy upon me.” (Some add “a sinner” at the
end.) I loved ancient church so much that I’m making a movie and
writing a book about them, coming early next year (Mysteries
of the Jesus Prayer
is a not-for-profit feature film, the result of
my studies and renewed love-affair with Jesus Christ and church).”

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