Ashton is off on his

Ashton is off on his cruise. He and his friends and a bunch of volunteer fire fighters. He is so funny when he wakes up so early in the morning. The exact opposite of me – he feels totally out of it in the morning and I do in the evening. I hope he has a very good time.
How much have we given ourselves over to the systems of this world. My challenge is different then many of the people’s here. Knee jerk reactions in all directions is a common human trait, but how to do get ourselves out of such responses. Liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican, dove, hawk – all believe they are doing the best for our country and our citizens, yet there has to be a third way. What is the third way?
Hussein would not be letting weapons inspectors back into Iraq if it were not for the U.S. and Britain’s forceful demands – something lost on the French. As they say, war may be the acknowledgement of diplomatic defeat, but with despots like Hussein there is often no other option but force. Force is what he respects, something again lost on the French. I agree that war is the acknowledgment of defeat for diplomacy, but not everyone is honorable, not everyone is interested in peace, not everyone can be trusted, not everyone is worthy of civil consideration, not everyone is interested in diplomacy. They prove themselves so by their actions, by their history, and by their own lack of civility. What is the third way? Not war, not appeasement, not acting in ignorance or false hope, false expectations.
How easy it is to depend on the formulations of our own minds and emotions. Reliance on our own limited understanding and refusal to allow God to be whomever God is, rather then always attempting to recreate God in our own image and demand God abide by our understanding of things. I have a scientific mind and cannot conceive of supernatural happenings that seem to suspend “natural laws.” Then, of course, I have to explain away any miraculous event or report, whether current or ancient. I don’t believe in a literal embodiment of evil, then I cannot acknowledge the possibility of demons or demonic possession – it is just always mental illness or epilepsy so some such physiological condition. I cannot conceive of a God who does or does not certain things, therefore I demand God be whatever I decide. We rely on our own understanding – to our detriment.
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