An odyssey into the wild

Considering the next post below, commenting on David Brooks op-ed piece, is Bob Carlton and a post on his blog, The Corner:

So many faith community I know view the definition of a young adult as someone who has a functioning prostrate, they view technology as a necessary evil, handled by an “amateur” who tends their website like a junk yard. Ministry with young people has gotta be more than hoping “they” will show up & like what “we” did. It’s gotta be more than presence or program or purpose or even pathetic. It’s gotta be more than apprenticing to join the borg that is churchianity. Brooks is dead on with he observes that:

some social institutions flourish — knitting circles, Teach for America — while others — churches, political parties — have trouble establishing ties.

What if we set off on an odyssey, with no certain destination, no expectation of who will join us, no “map drawn with ink”, no products sponsored by some faceless industrialist – just an odyssey out into the wild.

I have to confess, I absolutely love his description of the definition of “young adult!” Too funny.