My goodness, the Cleveland Cavaliers have done it! They are going to the NBA Finals after besting the Detroit Pistons. (It funny when we have to say “done it” before the championship is decided. For Cleveland fans, simply going to a national final is “done it” enough.)
Now, anyone from around Cleveland will tell you that to root for Cleveland teams is to be a real fan. It seems that they break our hearts every time. This is tough for fans, but Clevelanders (and they are more than just people who live in the City of Cleveland proper!) has this undying sense of being for the underdog. Perhaps it is because of all the negativity that comes our way. (Despite the fact I live in New York, I will always be a Cleveland fan!).
So, now the Cavs are going to the finals for the very first time. I wish them well and pray that this time one of our teams will go all the way, not just to the edge.
I can’t watch the games. I know this is really lame, but watching the games at this point in the season is just too stressful. I will start watching, but have to just stop. Pathetic, I know, but that’s me. I almost had to be committed when the Indians almost won the World Series.
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