iPod Shuffle – 4:20 pm

Here is what the mighty iPod gave up to me this later Tuesday afternoon – and yes, it is almost dark outside. Blah.
1. Jon Brian, Magnolia, from the ‘Magnolia’ soundtrack
2. The Russian State Symphony – Rachmaninoff, Hymn of Praise, from ‘Sacred Treasures’
3. Sarah Brightman, Scarborough Fair, from ‘La Luna’
4. Joi, Asian Vibes, from ‘One and One is One’
5. ‘Till Tuesday, What About Love, from ‘Welcome Home’ (brings back memories of sitting in my drawing and graphic design classes doin’ work and listenin’ to tunes)
6. Sarah McLachlan, Mary, from ‘Fumbling Towards Ex…’
7. Benedictine Monks, Anon: Santus Dominus Deus Sabaoth,
8. Berlin, Take My Breath Away, from ‘Top Gun’ soundtrack
9. Aimee Mann, Beautiful, from ‘The Forgotten Arm’
10. Moby, Bring Back My Happiness, from ‘Everything Is Wrong’
11. Skott Freedman, I’d Like to Think I Would, from ‘Some Company’ (simply a beautiful song!)
Fr. Jim Tucker of Dappled Things:
The rules, for bloggers who want to play:

Get your ipod or media-player of choice, select your whole music collection, set the thing to shuffle (i.e., randomized playback), then post the first ten songs that come out. No cheating, no matter how stupid it makes you feel!