The Truth

Gordan MacDonald of The Leadership Journal wrote a commentary entitled The Haggard Truth on Ted Haggard and Evangelicalism in the U.S. today. I think it is worth a read, but it is a bit longer than most blog articles. While I may not agree with every point, he does hit-the-nail-on-the-head particularly concerning Evangelicalism, politics, and the way the general public both within and outside the U.S. view this movement.
What do you think?
So many people will view Haggard’s sin to be homosexuality. That is not the sin. The sins are breaking his vows to his wife – adultery, promiscuity, lying, and hypocrisy. He is submitting to Dobson from Focus-on-the-Family and others for his rehabilitation. Regrettably, they will simply encourage and demand that he bury and deny his orientation even more so and in the end this will not help him. They will demand that he go through “reparative therapy,” all along saying that if only he has enough faith and if only he denies reality that God will heal him and make him into someone who can love his wife completely and fully in that certain way – a heterosexual. If this man of deep faith at 50 has not be already “healed” of these “temptations and tendencies,” do they really think that he suddenly will, now? He and his family will need to decide what their future will be, but denying reality will not help them, or him.