Re-post, just ’cause

Timaeus by: Plato

“We must, then, in my opinion, first of all make the following distinction: What is that which always is and is untouched by becoming? — and what is always in a state of coming-to-be but never is? Now that which intelligence grasps by way of a rational account is what always is self-identically; while that which is the object of belief by way of non-reasoning sense-perception is that which is coming into being and perishing but never in the proper sense is. Everything, though, that is coming into being must necessarily come into being by the agency of some cause; for it is absolutely impossible that anything should be in a state of coming-to-be apart form some cause.”

Welcome to November, 2006

Here we are, November 1, 2006. Today, we move forward in our lives, in our hopes, and in our loves. Today, we see our weakness and realize our need. Today, we better understand our place in the world and how we may contribute to the elevation of humanity upward to something better. Today, we see the suffering of humanity and are startled by our own complacency. Today, we are called to have our being in the midst of the One who brings all things into reconciliation with Him, with one another, and with all of Creation. Today, we are presented with a way forward where we can realize our true selves, our true potential, and experience contentment in whatever condition of life we may find ourselves – peace that surpasses all understanding, joy beyond emotion, freedom born of the security of knowing that we are no longer bound by the systems of this world – whether realized just yet or not? Things hoped for yet not seen.
Will we accept this? Will we allow the Giver of Life and Peace to transform our hearts and minds so that we are able to honestly, truly, sincerely, and habitually love God with our whole being and love our neighbor as ourselves? Will we humble ourselves so that we perceive of a new way that enables the hungry to be fed, the lame to be healed, humanity to live in peace; and because we have been fundamentally changed that there exudes from us a light and difference that draws the fears and anger and frustration of humanity into ourselves in order to relieve and to free and to give hope? Like Jesus did.
Will we?