New Purpose

I used to us blogger for my weblog until a year or so ago when I switched to Moveabletype. My original blog was still available.
I’ve decided to rechristen my original hypersync blog – “hypersync :: reconciled.” I am posting to that blog once again as a place to delve more deeply into the whole “how to live life as a Christian who is also gay and what that all means…” kind of thing.
The ironic aspect of it all is that I am not particularly reconciled with all of it – questions linger. There is always the big question of how to navigate through all the cultural and sub-cultural minefields that plague anyone trying to live out a faithful life, be a witness, and still believe that honest and true relationships are possible. There is always the reality that most gay people have to play catch-up in terms of discovering how to have a relationship, which most straight people learn in their teens and early twenties.