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Christian anti-gay and Religious Right groups are demanding that a ban on HIV+ people from traveling to the U.S. (which, frankly, I never knew existed) be reinstated before the 2006 Gay Games in Chicago. It seems the organizers of the 2006 Gay Games petitioned that the ban be waived for the upcoming athletic competitions, and it was.
I continue to be amazed that the propaganda and miss-information that the Religious Right and anti-gay activists use in their attempt to foist upon unsuspecting common folk an unabashed fear of homosexuals. Well, it does bring in millions of dollars for these groups! Greed, whether for money or for power, does terrible things to people.
Of course there are a percentage of homosexuals who are sex-addicted, irresponsible, and dedicated to whatever, just like there are a percentage of heterosexuals who are and do the same. But, these groups attempt to convince Jane and Joe Public that all homosexuals are sex-crazed, HIV+, radicals that are dedicated to destroying marriage, Mom, apple-pie, and the American way of life. It is absurd, and these people are intelligent enough to know that they are out-and-out lying! Christians? For them, the end justifies the means and the call of Christ falls flat.
Here is the latest “news” update from CitizenLink, a Focus on the Family daily e-mail update:
HIV Travel Restrictions Lifted for Gay Games
Pro-family advocates are asking President Bush to reinstate a federal ban that prohibits HIV-infected travelers from coming to United States. A lobbying campaign succeeded in getting the ban lifted in time for Chicago’s 2006 Gay Games.
Homosexuals from around the world will travel to Chicago for the event slated for July 15-22. The official Web site claims 8,000 people have registered.
Gay advocates, with the help of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, convinced the federal government to waive restrictions on international travel for those with HIV so they could attend the games. Pro-family analysts argue that such a move is counter to the goal of stopping the spread of the disease.
Peter LaBarbera, executive director of the Illinois Family Institute, is calling on the president and Congress to reinstate the ban. He said the people of Chicago should not be subjected to activities that facilitate immoral and reckless behavior.
“Mayor Daley has forgotten his role as ‘chief protector’ of the people of Chicago,” he said. “The public-health goal of stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS must take precedence over the political wants of homosexual advocates.”
The Gay Games Web site promotes dangerous sexual activity, LaBarbera said. For example, Steamworks, a gay bathhouse that offers anonymous sex for men, is listed as a business sponsor and under “Parties and Events.”
“The evidence is clear: the extracurricular activities surrounding the Gay Games present a real health hazard to those involved and the surrounding community,” he said. “Inviting thousands of HIV-infected visitors to a Gay Games celebration that officially promotes promiscuity will only put Chicagoans at risk and help spread HIV.”

Thousands? Come on.