Emerging Church, UK

The Emerging Church conversation/movement gives me great hope. I believe it is a natural reaction against Baby Boomer American-Evangelicals (and their excesses, especially the politicizing of religion) by their children. Still falling within general Evangelical ideals, hesitant concerning American cultural infiltration, and yearning for the ancient, mysterious faith, it is a place were all is new again, yet in the ancient and tried form of faith rather than in the wholesale rejection of all things traditional. In many ways, it is the Church in kairos – of the past, present, and future!
Here is a discussion board from an Emerging Church website in the UK. The beginning question dealt with how the Emerging Church deals with the controversial issue of homosexuality. Here is the link.

this explains it…

From a Netscape Channels article:

Why Men Don’t Want to Talk at Night
What IS he thinking? After a hard day, he’s thinking he’d rather surf with the TV remote than talk to his lady love. And don’t nag him about the shoes he dropped on the family room floor or the clothes he left on the bedroom floor. He doesn’t even notice them.
That’s the word from social philosopher and author Michael Gurian, who claims that men are not lazy, sexist, or pigheaded. Instead, the male psyche is radically different than the female psyche due to distinct and profound biological differences in their brains.

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