Archbishop Akinola of Nigeria

Today, I skipped my Ascetical Theology class and went, with four fellow seminarians, to hear Archbishop Akinola, Primate of the Church of Nigeria, and primary instigator of the reactionary elements within the Anglican Communion over the consecration of Gene Robinson, Bishop of New Hampshire.
I wanted to hear from the man himself what he was thinking and doing concerning all the controversies. I came away greatly saddened, because I realized that there will be no reconciliation between him and the American Church. He is a Christian, and we are not, if we accept homosexuals.
The meeting was held at St. George’s Church of the Parish of Calvary/St. George. The Rev. Pike, Rector, introduced Akinola in glowing terms. There were about 40 people present.
Akinola is establishing a worldwide church under himself as Primate and Metropolitan. His church in America will be very small, but that is not stopping him.