This is the problem

I read this article today posted on the House of Deputies/Bishops listserv post by Kendal Harman.
Honestly, I agree with many of his points – I experience very similar things at General when I talk with many here concerning more traditional understanding of theology, scripture, et cetera. I am told that I am known as the “Evangelical” among my classmates. Generally speaking, they are right, although I am continually drawn to High-Church and non-reactionary Anglo-Catholic piety and worship. After all, my field-placement parish is a “non-fussy, Anglo-Catholic” parish, and I love it. I am “Evangelical,” now (unlike before I became an Episcopalian) in the tradition of Anglican-Evangelicalism, not American-Evangelicalism, which has infiltrated Anglican-Evangelicals in this country and which now motivates those challenging and separating from the Episcopal Church USA.
The difference I have with the writer of the article is his understanding that there can only be one legitimate understanding from Scripture of the issue of homosexuality. In this way, the “traditionalists” are not comprehending those who believe that Scripture taken as a whole does not condemn life-long, monogamous, same-sex relationships. There is no comprehension on their part that anyone can have an alternative interpretation of Scripture and still have a high-view of Scripture and still align themselves with Scripture.
The author is right – liberals do not honestly comprehend the “traditionalists.” Likewise, “traditionalists” do not honestly comprehend how there can be any legitimate interpretation of Scripture concerning homosexuality other than their own. The author’s point is applicable to both sides.
Here is the article:

Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 16:58:10 -0400
To: “bishopsdeputies”
From: “kendall harmon”
Subject: [HoB/D]
As one deeply opposed to the consecration of V. Gene Robinson, I find a
disturbing response from those on the other side. They cannot fathom the
position of those of us opposed.
I listen to how they explain why we feel the way we do, and I find they
simply don’t get it. They misread, misinterpret, and misunderstand those who
don’t agree with them. I do not think this is mischievous or intentional on
their part. I simply think they cannot comprehend our reasons.
Sadly, this leaves them entirely unprepared and surprised by the unfolding
events. I find this alarming for their own sakes. Their spin on events leads
in the wrong direction, their concept of the division is flawed, their hopes
for reconciliation are based on fabrication.
Let me try to explain this failure to understand us. I do this not to change
any minds, but to help them see what may be ahead.

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