If I am honest…

For quite some time now, I have said I am seeking Truth. I am willing to go wherever that quest leads me.
I believe Truth begins with God (the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Ruth, and Naomi… Mary and the Apostles). Walter Bouman, retired Systematic Theology professor at Trinity Lutheran Seminary, says that God is whoever has the final word. This is true, after all if the aforementioned God is not the true God, than Judaism and Christianity are false, as well as Islam. Bouman believes Christ had the final word – the victory over sin and death. When all is said and done, the jury is still out, no matter how strenuously I want to claim or declare anything. By faith, I believe in the God of the Nicene and Apostles creeds. By faith…
I believe that the Holy Bible, Hebrew and Christian testaments together, is the revelation of God to humanity, God’s creation. I believe scripture contains all that humanity needs for salvation and a peaceable life – the truths of scripture speak to the heart – the motivations, the healing available, etc. In scripture is the Truth for our lives lived here on this earth and the means of life everlasting. (The Bible is not a history book, although it contains history. The Bible is not a science book. The Bible is not an anthropologist tomb, although it is full of anthropological stuff, etc.)
If I am consistent with past claims, I have to consider the arguments of reasoned people who say homosexuality is contrary to God’s will and way according to scripture. I have moved from ‘con’ to ‘pro’ according to what I thought was the stronger argument. Has the strength of one argument over the other changed? I wonder…
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What makes Ethics Christian

Christian Ethics today:
– In the public sphere, too often it is a matter of doing “what is right” – acting on Christian principles, even the basic pagan virtues of Plato and Aristotle.
– For Luther and Calvin, however, drawing from Augustine, it is always a matter of acting out of faith! This is ultimately what makes ethics, Christian.
– In Christian ethics, we’re not just trying to find a way to do good; it is not a philosophical system. Rather, we’re trying to find a way to be faithful, and that is the way to goodness. God is good, and has related himself personally to us in Christ.
– In Augustine and Aquinas: We live into our faith, being faithful first and discovering our true selves in God.