I have been spending too much time and exerting too much energy attempting to find a middle way for dealing with those on the accommodationist side and those on the prohibitionist side of the gay and Christian issue. Actually being in the middle of the issue (according to me, and certainly not according to stringent prohibitionists), I see validity on both sides of the issue, especially when using the Anglican three legged stool model. I have made a decision according to which side of the line I fall, but I am open to where ever truth leads me. I think, at least for now, it is virtually impossible for us to have civil conversation. The polarization is so complete that there are few willing to consider the their opponent’s’ perspective. This is truly a masterstroke of Satan. Let the killing begin, just like in medieval times!
I’ve got to refocus on classes, life in general, and let go of this. It is not up to me to attempt to bring all sides together in order for there to be a least a willingness to understand. Agree to disagree, but stop all this foolishness.