I wonder why I am

I wonder why I am continually amazed at what the American, politicized, anti-gay Christian Religious Right propaganda machine churns out for public consumption, but I am. It is so disturbing to see what these people claim is GodÂ’s will and GodÂ’s way. They continually bear false-witness against their neighbor (gay people and others), they do not “love the sinner” despite their continued claims to the contrary. C.S. Lewis writes, “You start being ‘kind’ to people before you have considered their rights, and then force upon them supposed kindnesses which they in fact had a right to refuse, and finally kindnesses which no one but you will recognize as kindnesses and which the recipient will feel as abominable cruelties.”
In this article below from Focus on the Family, they claim that if the U.N. includes homosexuals as a class of people that can expect to be treated to the same human-rights as the rest of the human population, somehow we are inviting everything from “bestiality to pedophilia.” The implication is that “pro-homosexual” groups are calling for the right to practice everything from “bestiality to pedophilia.” This is not true and the Religious Right knows it. They are bearing false-witness and they know it. The end justifies the means and no matter how immoral they act, it is justified to accomplish their goals. They wrongly attribute their actions to God’s will and defame Christ in the process. They are on a 21st century witch hunt and nothing will deter them, until of course their cause is laid bare and they are made irrelevant (not because God is made irrelevant, which will be their claim, but because their hypocrisy and lunacy in the name of God becomes so apparent).
Focus on the Family is calling on their members to e-mail, call, write, and pressure member delegates from other countries to do FocusÂ’ bidding to deny homosexuals equal treatment under law worldwide. The decry the Supreme Court for referencing judicial precedent in Europe concerning the Texas sodomy case, yet they willingly advocate that Rightwing Christian Americans attempt to force their will upon the rest of the world. It is hypocrisy. It is mean-spiritedness. They means by which they are attempting to institute their perspective in law and culture is not the way of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

U.N. Considers Sexual Orientation as ‘Human Right’
by Gary Schneeberger, editor
SUMMARY: Your help is needed to prevent pro-homosexual forces from paving the way for everything from bestiality
to pedophilia as “the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family.”
Pro-homosexual groups from around the globe are pushing the United Nations Commission on Human Rights to declare
sexual orientation an international human right — and your input may be key to thwarting their plans.
The Commission, made up of 53 member nations, will begin meeting Monday and continue for the next six weeks, at some point taking up a resolution proposed by Brazil that “sexual orientation” be added to “the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family.”
Brazil pitched a similar resolution last year, but Egypt took the lead in opposing it, leading to a postponement until this year.
Thomas Jacobson, a Focus on the Family liaison to the United Nations, said the measure must again be delayed — or defeated — to preserve the sanctity of marriage and the family worldwide.
“If this resolution passes and becomes international policy, a special U.N. adviser will be appointed to monitor nations for compliance,” Jacobson explained. “Nations will be pressured to make ‘sexual orientation’ a human right and add it to their non-discrimination statutes.
“We can see the implications by looking at nations that have already done so. The Swedes have already lost their freedom of speech and freedom of religion — two pastors were arrested last year for, in their own churches, reading Scripture and saying homosexuality was wrong.”
Equally troubling, Jacobson added, is that nowhere is the phrase “sexual orientation” defined in the resolution or any other U.N. document.
“Because of this,” he said, “any type of so-called sexual orientation could be viewed as a ‘human right’: homosexuality, bisexuality, pedophilia, transgenderism, voyeurism, sadism, bestiality, etc.”
To prevent that from happening, pro-family voices must be heard on the issue.
“While U.S. citizens are accustomed to influencing government officials through voting, letters, phone calls and e-mails, this is not true in the vast majority of nations,” Jacobson said. “A few hundred e-mails or faxes to a country’s mission in New York City could have a profound impact, and could greatly encourage the officials to take a strong stand for what they already know is right.”

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