I went for a nice

I went for a nice walk though Central Park this evening. I came across this very odd guy doing his “prayformance” at the Angel Tunnel/ Bethesda Terrace Arcade. Very talented, very musical, and very strange was he. Anyway, the experience reinforced in me the marvel of New York City. You just never know when you might come across the most bizzar and wonderful thing – in this case “Thoth.”
Check out his website.
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I have stopped reading the

I have stopped reading the list from the House of Deputies/House of Bishops listserv, and now the new “forum” ist for the kibitzers. There is just too many posts and the arguments are getting more and more polarized. There have been cries from some who take a more moderate stance (don’t really have a problem with homosexuality, but do not believe now is the time for an openly gay and partnered Bishop in the Anglican Communion) that the liberals are simply throwing them into the AAC pile. The moderates charge the liberals with doing the same thing the conservatives tend to do – falsely lump people into the “enemy” or “evil” category simply because they do not completely agree with their position, and other stuff. Anyway, I think the moderates are right – the liberals categorizes anyone who opposes Gene’s consecration as being part of the AAC, and it is not so.
Lord willing, I heading up to New Hampshire on Sunday. I should have a ticket, but one never knows. The consecration is taking place in an ice-arena! We were told to dress warmly. What is that all about?
I don’t know. This just needs to run its course and be over with. Of course, this is only the beginning, but at least the deed will have been done and everyone can either relax or leave. Get it over with.
Tonight, the Halloween Parade in the Village. Maybe. I am feeling a bit melancholy tonight, so I may just stay in. Too much work to do, besides.
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