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A change in descriptions

I've noticed over the past few months that there is developing another shift in the terminology and descriptive words used by the anti-gay Religious Right groups, such as Focus-on-the-Family and Exodus, that will winnow its way into everyday anti-gay language and arguments used by those opposed to emotionally healthy gay people.*

The new term to describe gay people being used theses days is: "gay-identified."

Perhaps this term has been used for a long time, but I've just noticed it. Over the past 30 years that I've kind of been engaged with and watching those arguing for their cause/agenda in the whole ex-gay movement, I've noticed fairly regular changes in tactics, definitions, and terminology as many of their arguments and "facts" have proven to be flawed and going out of favor.

Here is an example from Focus on the Family's "Citizenupdate.com" e-mail "news" updates. "Extending special rights to gay-identified individuals is set to be debated when Congress comes back in session. "

I'm curious of the round-table conversation that drove them to this most recent change in terminology. What went on, what argument was made, what are the reasons why? I suspect that once again, they determined that their arguments are not winning the day, so they have to mix up things a bit.

* Just to be clear, many people in the anti-gay Religious Right believe that for individual "gay-identifying" people, denying one's homosexual temptation and realizing that they are truly heterosexual people, as God designed all people to be, IS what makes (ex)homosexuals truly healthy. The only problem is that for them to admit that there can be emotionally and physically healthy gay people, it would completely undercut their primary arguments against society giving legitimacy and acceptance to gay people and same-sex couples. So, the institutions and organizations (and, of course the leadership) must continually change their tactics for insisting that simply being gay is automatically unhealthy in every way and for every one. It is in their best interest to continue to insist that gay people are completely unhealthy, and so have to be opposed to healthy gay people and whatever may for heterosexuals encourage healthy lives - like marriage.

NOTE: Since this Web space is primarily a place for me to dump thoughts and to keep track of things, I'm not being particular about grammar and spelling. I realize this will effect how some people will respond to me and to my thoughts. Feel free to point out mistakes! If this drives you nuts, sorry.


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