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Big Cup was fine. A

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Big Cup was fine. A medium coffee over the course of the day was not! The caffeine was not a positive influence on my system. I am going to have to take this slower.

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Well, I'm off to the Big Cup for the first time since my illness - more than six weeks. The weather could be more like yesterday. It is cold and rainy today, but the heck with that. So, coffee, bagels, St. Gregory the Great, and Father J. Robert Wright - I have a paper due on Monday.

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These past six weeks have been trying. What was thought to simply be a bad case of the flu has developed into a six week illness, a twelve day hospital stay, and an illness that has perplexed many different doctors. No one knows what I have, although I can give anyone a very long list of what I do not have! I'm still not over it, but I have returned to the last two weeks of classes. I missed four and a half weeks of classes out of a 12 week term - not too good.

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